Sky Aviation is a registered airline which operated under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation Authority.
The company operates a diverse fleet of executive planes, small aircraft flights and helicopters.


Sky Aviations Team, conducted by the director of operations, will plan and coordinate your flight to any destination around Israel with precision and professionalism.
All you have to do is to pick up the phone and call us – we will take care of all permits in each destination, transfers, meals and hotels.


In order to maximize safety in our company we have put an independent and separate safety department.
This department controls the safety procedures and updates the safety regulations and the rules of conduct from time to time.
Our pilots are in charge of maintaining the highest level of security and service.

Sky's Pilots

Our crew includes experienced pilots, who served in the IDF air force, squadron commanders and flight instructors with thousands of hours of experience.
Besides the current flights, every six months our pilots are being tested by the Civil Aviation Authority in order to ensure their operational competence and also strict medical examinations by an aviation doctor.
We believe that the most important safety reference in the plane is the pilot's skill and therefore we invest in training pilots using advanced simulators and flight training.

Sky's Maintenance

Again, no compromises – aircraft maintenance is conducted through an external checking Institute which is not related to the company and under the Civil Aviation Authority.
Any airplane model has a unique maintenance system; all our mechanics have passed their training in Israel and professional training aboard .
They all have appropriate licenses.
Private flights with Sky Aviation are flights with flawlessly responsibilities.

Security for a safe flight

In these days of uncertainty, the company made "Sky" special security apparatus.
Before each flight the aircraft thoroughly scanned to ensure their competence for the flight.
In most destinations our planes remain with an Israeli supervision and we can provide personal security for our passengers.

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